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Clemence has been a member of the BISP community since Year 12. With acceptances from prestigious institutions like the University of Edinburgh, London School of Economics, University of Warwick and University of Exeter, Clemence is poised to embark on an exciting journey in History and Politics. Her experiences at BISP have deepened her love for History, expanded her worldview, and confirmed her passion for learning the subject.

Immersing herself in the Senior School, the IB Diploma courses at BISP has fueled Clemence’s fascination with History and Politics, making her a more engaged and knowledgeable individual. As a Co-Director for the Class of 2024 senior video, Clemence has demonstrated her leadership abilities and commitment to fostering school spirit. Additionally, Clemence is recognised as a diligent student, showcasing her dedication to academic excellence.

As Clemence ventures into the realm of History and Politics at university, her time at BISP has undoubtedly prepared her for the challenges and opportunities that await her. The supportive and stimulating environment at BISP has nurtured Clemence’s passion for these subjects and equipped her with the skills necessary to thrive in her academic pursuits.