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IMG 0661The BISP Tennis Academy is beaming with pride as Year 11 student Phopthum, affectionately known as Pao, has been selected to represent Thailand as a National Junior Tennis player. Pao’s dedication and talent have earned him a spot in the International team events for the 16 and under age category, specifically the Davis Cup Juniors Asia/Oceania Final Qualifying Event taking place from 20th to 25th May 2024 in Shymkent, Kazakhstan.

The Lawn Tennis Association of Thailand, under His Majesty’s Patronage, has officially recognised Pao’s achievements with a heartfelt letter. Expressing gratitude for the support provided to Pao, the Association acknowledges the role of BISP and the community in helping Pao improve, succeed in competitions, and build a reputation for the nation.

When asked about the upcoming tournament, Pao expressed that he strives to keep his eye on the ball and his heart in the game, and this would be his advice to all aspiring young athletes. Coach Victor, reflecting on Pao’s journey, remarked, 

“Embrace the honour, embrace the challenge, and let your determination be the fuel that propels you to greatness as you carry your nation’s pride on your shoulders.” 

As Pao prepares for the upcoming tournament, the BISP Tennis Academy and the entire community extend their best wishes for his success. Despite the demands of his ongoing exams and training, Pao’s dedication and passion for the sport continue to inspire those around him. We eagerly await Pao’s performance on the international stage, confident that he will represent Thailand and BISP with honour and determination. Good luck, Pao!