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Matteo has been an integral part of the BISP community since joining in Year 10. Alongside his academic pursuits, he has excelled in high-performance aerial arts, demonstrating his determination and creativity. Notably, he secured second place in last year’s annual MACA competition. Matteo’s able to balance the demands of the IB Diploma Programme with his passion for aerial arts, showcasing proficiency in both areas through his dedication and achievements.

With offers from the University of Arizona, University of Colorado Boulder, and ultimately choosing the University of Southern California to pursue his studies in Business Administration, Matteo is poised to embark on an exciting academic journey. His exceptional time management skills and commitment to his passions set him up for success in both his academic and extracurricular pursuits.

Matteo is known for his amiable nature and treats those around him with kindness. His experiences at BISP, coupled with his commitment to aerial arts, various CAS projects, and his dedication to academics, have endowed him with a well-rounded skill set and a fervent drive for innovation. As Matteo transitions to university life, he carries with him the invaluable skills and insights gained from his time at BISP, ensuring he is well-prepared to excel in his studies and future career endeavours.