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Naomi has been an essential member of the BISP community since she arrived here at the start of Year 12. Having received offers from the University of Alberta and the University of British Columbia, she is prepared to embark on a distinctive academic journey, pursuing a dual degree in Bachelor of Science Specialization and Bachelor of Education.

Through her role as House Captain, Naomi has demonstrated her dedication to the school community, while her enthusiasm for science is evident in her choice of HL Biology and HL Chemistry courses. Naomi’s dedication to community service is apparent through her participation in volunteering at the SOS Village and leading a holiday gift drive for Phuket, which motivated her pursuit of a Bachelor of Education. In addition to her academic endeavours, she invested her time in coaching younger students in tennis and taking the lead in organising the Class of 2024 lip dub leavers video. Furthermore, Naomi’s involvement in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award showcases her initiative and commitment to personal development.

As Naomi enters the realms of science and education, her experiences at BISP have undoubtedly equipped her for the challenges and opportunities ahead. With a solid foundation in leadership, academics, and community involvement, Naomi is primed to make a significant impact in both domains.