Little Ducks teaching assistants British International School, PhuketThe Teaching Assistants (TAs) in Little Ducks are now sporting a sophisticated new look! The TAs have designed their own uniform and the feedback from parents and staff has been incredibly positive. We spoke to Geckos TA, Ms Pin, about the process.

Why did you want a uniform?

Personnel like us to look professional and we like to look like a team. Plus, it makes it easier to get ready in the morning when you have a uniform and don’t have to think about what to wear.

Why did you choose this particular design?

This design was chosen to look professional and still be comfortable. I found some professional dress designs online and showed everyone three different designs. The TAs voted on the one they liked best and I adapted the design and drew an outline of it. Once everyone was happy with the design, it went to HR for approval. Then the school sent the final design to a dressmaker.

What has the feedback been like from parents and students?

The parents love it. They think it looks very professional. Because they were tailor-made, they have been made to fit each individual. When we walk to the Refectory, people tell us it looks nice.

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