BISP Eco Week 2019 300x200

The year of 2019 has been the most eco-friendly year at BISP. As with all big changes, progress can sometimes feel a little slow, but with eager children, parents and staff, small changes are occuring on campus that will move us towards being a more eco-friendly school.

Single-use plastic has been a big focus. The school has stopped buying plastic cups for events, choosing to use only paper. Students are continuously encouraged to bring their own water bottles to school. Vendors at this year’s large sporting events were asked to use only eco-friendly products – no plastic plates or plastic bags – when selling their food. We saw a massive effort to support this request.

Primary students took on the task of making eco bricks, which will be used to build structures in the gardens around school. Collecting bottles and soft plastic has increased awareness amongst the students about the amount of plastic waste they create in their everyday lives.

bisp eco week 2018 300x200BISP also hosted its second Eco Week, which saw experts from Sea Keepers International visit British International School, Phuket to give presentations on the oceans and how they can save them. The Eco group also ran a popular eco fair with vendors from across the island selling eco-friendly products.