Paper Birds Theatre Company based in the UK arrived in Phuket on Monday 6 December to offer students an insight into their way of devising and creating new productions. The Paper Birds tour was initiated by Geoff Cresswell of Drama Arts Productions who creates bespoke tours with leading Arts practitioners to international schools across Asia.

Paper Birds Theatre Company uses the theatre style of Verbatim to create original and exciting work based on political messages and current affairs. During their time at BISP, Gaby Cerda facilitated the workshops to Year 10 and 11 IG students and Year 12 and 13 IB students. 

The Paper Birds devising philosophy include five steps which include Verbatim, Movement, Character and Narrative, Exposing the Method and Motif. Using the theme of ‘Climate Change’ as their starting point, the students used these steps in a practical workshop and were able to see their ideas progress.

It was a fun and insightful experience for the students as they furthered their knowledge of the performing arts.