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Over the last 5 weeks of Term 1, some of the students in Year 3 and Year 4, who were nominated by their teachers for displaying excellent teamwork skills, applied their efforts towards BISP’s first-ever Primary VEX House Robotics Challenge. 

The Primary VEX House Robotics Challenge took place on Friday 9th December and students competed to gain points for their houses. 

A big congratulations to the COBRAS who won the overall competition and well done to the following children for their dedication and participation:

  • Green Cobras: Eva, Jenny, Momo and Taa
  • Yellow Leopards: Alvin, Matthew, Anja and Laney
  • Red Tigers: Sammy, Taylor, Misha and Nai Neua
  • Blue Sharks: Xixi, Aisha, Elsa and Andrew