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IMG 8068BISP recently had the privilege of hosting esteemed professional musicians Amir Bolatov, Manassanan Dejarkom, and Korchid Vejorasit to support and enrich the experience of our String Sensation ensemble. 

The primary objective of the musicians’ visit was to share their wealth of experience and expertise with our BISP students. The focus was on guiding and supporting the ensemble players in honing their skills in collaborative music-making. Ensemble playing, as opposed to solo performances, demands a unique set of skills, and the visiting musicians provided invaluable insights into the nuances of this collaborative art form. Students had the opportunity to learn firsthand from accomplished professionals, gaining both technical knowledge and artistic inspiration.

String Sensation is BISP’s flagship string group, composed of talented members from both primary and secondary levels. The ensemble serves as a platform to promote the beauty of string instruments within the school community. It aims to inspire students who are already learning a string instrument by offering them the chance to participate in a collective musical experience. The musicians’ visit further reinforced this mission by exposing the students to the intricacies of ensemble playing, fostering a deeper appreciation for the collaborative aspects of music.

The String Sensation ensemble is open to existing string players, providing a space for those with a passion for string instruments to come together and create harmonious melodies. The recent visit not only elevated the ensemble’s performance standards but also ignited a renewed enthusiasm among the students for the art of string music.

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We extend our gratitude to BISP Piano teacher Khun Beaver for facilitating this enriching collaboration and express our anticipation for more opportunities for students to interact with such talented professionals in the future. The BISP Music Department is committed to nurturing musical talent, and these interactions with industry experts contribute significantly to the holistic development of our students. A heartfelt thanks to our esteemed professional guest musicians for sharing their passion and talent with our students. 

Looking ahead, plans are already in motion for the returning visit of the professional musicians to BISP. Additionally, there are discussions about inviting an alumna, a professional violinist, to share insights and experiences with current students. This ongoing commitment to bringing professionals back to the school underscores BISP’s dedication to providing students with diverse and enriching educational experiences.