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¡Hola sabor! Towards the end of Term 1 BISP Year 12 Spanish class wasn’t just about textbooks and grammar – it was a fiesta for the senses! 

Students were taken on a “sabor-cito” tour of México led by none other than Chef Luis Villa, the maestro of flavours himself, from Mexican restaurant Lucha Cantina, Chalong. From the spicy symphony of salsas to the melty magic of quesadillas and burritos, every bite was a burst of vibrant cultural fusion and fresh ingredients. While taste buds danced with Mexican flavours, students had the chance to engage in conversation with Chef Villa in Spanish, soaking up cultural insights just as delicious as the food. 

¡Un millón de gracias, Lucha Cantina, for this unforgettable fiesta! The experience was a unique opportunity for students to explore a different culture and gain a deeper understanding of the Spanish language. It was an afternoon full of delicious, cultural fun that we won’t soon forget.