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Term 1 PTA 202324 Posters 1On the 31st of August, the BISP Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) will be hosting a welcome event for all parents. This gathering is an excellent opportunity for parents within the BISP community to connect with other parents, learn about the PTA’s initiatives, and kick off the new school year on a positive note. During the welcome event, BISP Headmaster, Simon Meredith will provide an update on some of the ongoing projects and upcoming developments at our school. 

The PTA forms a partnership between home and school in order to support the best possible education for children at BISP. Parental consultation and engagement with the Headmaster, Principals, staff and the board of management, ensures the needs and perspectives of our international community are considered and supported. 

The PTA is a voluntary organisation and it organises school activities like Christmas fairs, weekend markets, fundraising events and welcoming new parents, just to name a few events.

We look forward to working together to create a thriving and enriching educational experience for our students. 


Visit to learn more about the BISP PTA.