bisp shakespeare festival 2021The Shakespeare Festival was the first of its kind at BISP. Performed outside at the amphitheater and with soft lighting from the fairy lights strewn in the trees and candles on the floor it gave the theatre space a happy and welcoming atmosphere. The pieces performed were a mix of IGCSE exam monologues such as Lady Macbeth and Mark Anthony, a piece of traditional Thai theatre with help from the Thai department and an IGCSE English class. The KS3 Drama activity piece was a modern ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ set on a beach and the KS4/5 Drama activity presented A Midsummer Night’s Dream. As this was the first Shakespeare production, we were unsure how it would work with the performers and the audience. But we did not need to worry, the performers enjoyed the task immensely and many have shown interest in the next production. The audience enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere whilst listening to beautiful Shakespearean language and looking at the illuminated school building as a backdrop. It is an event which we hope to recreate next year and develop it to be even bigger and better!

Watch the video here.