As we start the new term, BISP’s team of university counsellors have been meeting with each Year 9 student to discuss IGCSE choices and begin post-BISP planning to discuss how ‘subject choices’ fit with academic and personal goals. 

Last year BISP graduates went on to study Finance, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality, Medicine, Automotive Engineering, English Literature, Fashion Marketing, Physics, Law and Theatre, to name a few. Two went on to sports careers, and three went straight into the workforce.  Students are always wondering how school fits with work. The pandemic has made employment considerations more important than ever.

Subject Selection meetings are conducted in-person and online, allowing parents or guardians the opportunity to join the discussions. The goal is to discuss the individual IGCSE options, explore questions, look critically at how everything fits together before making a final decision.  BISP students completed interests surveys to share with the counsellors.  

The counsellor’s interview students about their preferences academic and geographic history to guide responses. BISP Subject Selection meetings provide technical and academic information that students must consider when preparing for specific futures like Medical School and general information about the world of possibilities.

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BISP University Counsellors are available for family appointments.  Please contact the Secondary Office for assistance