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Trip reflection written by BISP Y12 student Lin Aung

At the start of the school year the BISP Year 12 students, teachers, and staff went on a 2-day team building trip. The trip was held at Angsana, Phuket and gave students the opportunity to take a break from their daily routine on campus. 

During the two days, students took part in a series of team games and activities prepared by the Angsana management team. They got to try out new and exciting activities including dragon boat racing, and a variety of fun sports games such as tug of war, volleyball, and water polo and they wrapped up the night with a jovial karaoke night!

They were encouraged to socialise with one another, keep their spirits up and stay motivated for the term ahead. It was also a great way for students to develop their social, communication and teamwork skills while becoming better acquainted and bonding more with each other.