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In a vibrant display of unity and cultural richness, BISP proudly celebrated International Day, on March 1st 2024, bringing together 63 nationalities that thrive harmoniously within our school community. The event demonstrated BISP’s commitment to global citizenship and intercultural understanding, and showcased the incredible diversity that defines our learning community.

The morning began with a colourful parade of nations which displayed the diverse cultures that make up our school community as the BISP community, dressed in an array of national costumes, walked side by side. After a few opening remarks by BISP Headmaster, Simon Meredith, students took centre stage, delivering spectacular performances that highlighted the depth of our cultural diversity within our student body.  In addition, parents prepared an assortment of delicious cuisines, making the festivities even more flavourful. 

The BISP campus was filled with a sense of unity and pride, demonstrated by the heartwarming support for performers the enthusiasm for the mouth-watering food, and the jovial celebration of diversity. Special appreciation goes to the parents who dedicated their time and effort to prepare and serve food, contributing to the success of the event that drew nearly 2000 attendees. 

The 2024 International Day celebrations encapsulated the essence of BISP – a community where global diversity thrives, and our students are fortunate to experience a unique environment every day.