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British International School Phuket (BISP) recently had the privilege of hosting the World Scholars Cup (WSC) on the 9th and 10th of February, marking a significant milestone for the school as it hosted such a prestigious event for the first time. The competition brought together 106 students from five esteemed schools, including KIS and QSI from Phuket, Global Islamic School 2 Serpong from Indonesia, and Higher Champs International School from Mandalay, Myanmar.

Amidst the electrifying atmosphere, our students showcased remarkable talent and dedication, competing in teams of three across various challenges that tested their critical thinking, collaboration, and knowledge across diverse subjects. The results were nothing short of outstanding, with our students earning an impressive 150 medals and 9 trophies.

In the junior category, Ulyana, Milana, and Eva secured 2nd place overall, demonstrating exceptional intellect and dedication. Meanwhile, in the senior category, Katie, Miyuka, and Paige clinched 1st place, showcasing exemplary knowledge and teamwork. Ava also received the prestigious Jac Khor award for the Scholar’s Challenge, a testament to her outstanding performance and dedication to academic excellence.

To delve deeper into the WSC experience, we spoke with six students who shared their perspectives on the event.

Ava, a BISP Year 10 student and recipient of the Jac Khor award for the Scholar’s Challenge, expressed her enthusiasm for the debates, stating, “The debates were really fun. It was interesting to go against people from other schools in that format.”


Kristy, a BISP Year 7 student, found the Scholars Challenge to be the most challenging but highlighted her love for debates, saying, “My best part was the debates because it was very challenging, and I like to challenge myself.”


Mateo, another BISP Year 7 student, recounted the fun moments during the event, mentioning, “Probably the time when everybody was doing what they were not supposed to do and trading their alpacas,” and emphasised the significance of team debates in building camaraderie.


Jayden, a BISP Year 7 student, enjoyed the talent show, saying, “The most interesting part was probably the talent show because I like seeing other people from different parts of the world perform.”


Kirill, a BISP Year 11 student, described WSC as a social event and highlighted the importance of public speaking, stating, “It’s an opportunity to expand your skills, which you should do at a young age.”


Finally, Katie, a BISP Year 12 student and overall individual scholar, reflected on her team’s unexpected success, stating, “My team got overall team, and I got overall individual scholar. It was quite a shock because none of us had done it before.”

These student perspectives not only highlight the diversity of experiences at the WSC but also underscore the transformative impact of the competition on their intellectual growth, teamwork, and resilience. As our students prepare for the global round, hosted in seven different locations worldwide, the success at the WSC stands as a testament to their exceptional abilities and the school’s commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals.