As part of their Health, Wellbeing, and Sport module, BISP students taking the BTEC Level 3 Sport course recently spent time on a trip to a Thanyapura Sports and Health Resort. During the trip, students attended the medical clinic to undergo a series of health monitoring tests. The purpose of the trip was to provide students with a methodical approach to increasing their knowledge through the accumulation of both practical experience and theoretical knowledge. 

The tests included measurements of height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate. In addition to the standard health monitoring tests, students participated in a body composition analysis (BMA) test that made use of the most recent scientific advancements available at Thanyapura. As aspiring health professionals and sports scientists, the students used the BMA results to break down their body into its basic components—fat, protein, minerals, and body water—in order to assess body composition. 

The students then used the data collected to create individual health reports, comparing and contrasting their results to normative data from the UK and the world. This hands-on experience not only provided the students with practical insights into the field of sports science but also ignited a sense of responsibility towards their own well-being.

One of the major focuses of the BTEC Sport course is industry-relevant experiences and learning opportunities. Attending the trip to Thanyapura gave the students the opportunity to take the learning outside the classroom into a professional setting while collecting knowledge of the testing process. Students had an opportunity to practically encounter and experience the test firsthand, taking into consideration validity and reliability in the present moment. The process gave them a brief introduction to the world of sports science and how data can be collected to improve health and sports performances. 

The trip was extremely beneficial in preparing students for careers in sports-related industries, as well as an excellent way to increase student knowledge. A warm thanks to the Thanyapura staff for sharing their expertise and knowledge with the students.