At BISP we are committed to institutional wellbeing. A strong wellbeing foundation leads to a purposeful, balanced and productive learning community, where we can all thrive and flourish.

Our school counselling team provides support to students across the school and contributes proactively to our wellbeing sessions. Specifically, our counsellors provide a high-quality counselling service to students who experience a wide range of social and emotional challenges, and are on different academic and future pathways. Support is also available for parents, guardians and carers. Where possible we can work with translators or other local services to better support individual needs. 

Meet the BISP Counselling Team

Screen Shot 2022 08 31 at 4.10.19 PMAmber Godfrey

School Counsellor – [email protected]

Amber provides individual and group counselling to students. She supports all Secondary students and is the primary counsellor for Little Ducks, Reception, Year 2 and Year 4. 


Screen Shot 2022 08 31 at 4.10.27 PMJacqui Brelsford

School Counsellor –  [email protected]

Jacqui splits her time between university advising and counselling. She will advise students whose surnames begin with A – J about post-BISP planning. She is also the primary counsellor for Nursery, Year 1, Year 3 and Year 5.


Screen Shot 2022 08 31 at 4.10.35 PMPhilip Tucker

School Counsellor – [email protected]

Philip starts his full time position as a school counsellor this year. His focus is on post-BISP planning with students in Year 9 – 13. Philip works with student’s whose surnames end K-Z. He is located in the IB Study Centre above the library.  


Screen Shot 2022 08 31 at 4.10.42 PMPattiya(Pear)

School Counselling Intern – [email protected]

Pear is the BISP counselling intern. She is currently studying Counselling Psychology and will be assisting the team with individual and group counselling, administrative jobs, teaching and parent workshops. 


Screen Shot 2022 08 31 at 4.10.55 PM

Dr Helene Laurent-Oliver

Clinical Psychologist – [email protected] 

Helene is a part-time member of staff working on Tuesday and Wednesdays. As part of the school provision she offers initial assessments to decide on the best course of action. 

Helene offers therapy for children, adolescents and adults; her main therapeutic models are:

  CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy)

  IPT (Interpersonal Psychotherapy)

  Systemic Therapy (for families and couples).

  She is also available for diagnosis and assessment of students who have cognitive or neurological difficulties.

If your child requires more intensive therapy or a specialist intervention, this can be arranged with Helene privately. Please email her for further details.  


All of the team work throughout Primary and Secondary School, and to support teachers and parents. The counselling services at BISP contribute to our wider safeguarding measures to promote the safety, wellbeing and personal care of children and young people. The team will be offering parent coffee morning workshops and well-being activities for BISP students throughout the academic year.

Counselling Flowchart BISP