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As part of her coursework for Design Technology, BISP Year 7 student Scarlett created a spectacular three-dimensional drawing rendered in pencil.

When asked about her drawings and the process, Scarlett shared,

“I am honoured to share my DT project with you, I hope you like it. I worked on this drawing for two hours, and I think I might do something similar in the future because I love drawing. Of course, this was a bit difficult. We needed to fix two points on the edge of the paper, then use a ruler to draw diagonal lines from these fixed points and finally add the shadow. This is the complete process of the drawing.”

BISP Design Technology teacher Jeff Craigen explains that a two-point perspective occurs when you can see two vanishing points from your point of view. It gives the most realistic view of a product as it shows the item edge-on, as we would see it. This technique is used to depict three-dimensional objects and spaces on a two-dimensional surface, creating the illusion of depth, scale and realism. It is particularly useful for rendering architectural scenes or product ideas.

Scarlett’s dedication and skill are evident in her impressive work, and we look forward to watching Scarlett’s progression.