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BISP university counsellors will be hosting presentations and workshops for parents this term on focused university related topics. 

The upcoming events include: 

Student Self Advocacy in the Process of Preparing for University Applications
Tuesday 2nd May, at 8:15am in the BISP Conference Room

In this session we will be talking about how students can best take ownership of, and position themselves for, their university applications how and why students themselves need to drive the process and what role parents might take. 


Paying for University
Thursday, 11th May at 8:15am in the BISP Conference Room

In this session we will examine in a quite general sense what it costs to attend university, including fees, cost of living and scholarship potential, in the key countries that BISP students have generally shown an interest in. As costs in North America can be more complex to understand, we are intending to have some representation of university admissions officers, present on a zoom call, for this meeting.

All BISP parents are welcome to attend, although these sessions will be of most interest to parents with children in Year 10 upwards. Please be mindful that BISP students make a diverse range of University applications each year, so these sessions have to be kept quite broad and general in nature. We always encourage parents to make individual appointments with the university counselling team for more tailored information and discussion about their child by sending an email to [email protected]