Meet Janice, a parent whose family made the decision to move from China to Phuket in order for their children to attend British International School, Phuket (BISP). In this BISP parent interview, Janice shares her experience and insights on the challenges and benefits of relocating their family to a new country for education purposes. From navigating the enrollment process to the benefits of their new environment, Janice provides valuable information for other parents considering a similar move.

让我们欢迎Janice,她和家人搬到普吉岛,以便孩子可以就读普吉岛英国国际学校 (BISP)。在本次 BISP 家长访谈中,Janice 分享了她的经验和见解,阐述了搬家的好处和挑战。从注册过程到新环境的适应,Janice 为其他考虑采取类似举措的父母提供了宝贵的信息。