Key Stage 3 Band Programme

All students in KS3 are provided with an instrument to take home and learn throughout their programme of study. The KS3 Band Programme places emphasis on discipline, performance practice and teamwork, with students joining together to perform for a variety of events and occasions throughout the year. See some of our recent productions here.

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Experienced Instrumental Teachers

BISP students of all ages learn music from professional musicians and performers. The first-hand experience these musicians bring to the studio and classroom enlivens lessons and provides a clear progression path for students to follow. Those students wishing to be challenged and guided to ever higher standards enjoy access to these musicians as part of their performing arts programme. 

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Equipment and Performance Spaces

From practice rooms, to the drama room, to the auditorium there are lots of performance spaces for students to explore and adapt to. The department is well resourced with a range of acoustic and electric instruments that students use both within the classroom lessons and also during after school activities. This enables students to explore the world of music and performance on a path informed by their interests, providing them with the opportunity to ignite their passion for music.

Instruments students can learn at BISP include piano, drums, guitar, ukulele, bass guitar, singing, violin, saxophone, clarinet, flute, trumpet, trombone and euphonium.

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