Providing an opportunity for all students to experience public presentation and performance is a key aim of the school, and the music and drama programmes, regular routine assemblies and the focus on ‘student voice’ ensures that this is met. However, the school has also developed an extensive programme of public performance that enables all students to experience working across year-groups and to better understand the requirements for disciplined commitment and teamwork.

Most importantly, however, the opportunity to give great pleasure to others will inspire confidence and self-efficacy, key attributes in the modern world.

Musical Productions

Each year the school puts on two major musical productions, one Primary focused and one Secondary, as well as a Christmas Pantomime, which draws its cast from all sections of the school.

Dramatic Productions

Aside from involvement in the major musical productions, the Drama department contributes to regular dramatic performances. These include celebrations and assemblies, as well as productions related to the external examination coursework.

Music concerts

These take place throughout the year in both sections of the school.  The major events are ‘Unplugged’ and an Arts Celebration Evening, while there are regular lunchtime concerts each week in the Primary.  Aside from formal concerts, the school bands perform on an ad hoc basis throughout the year.

Special Events and Choirs

Special Events

Music is a key component of all school special events, including those relating to sports tournaments, and the Concert Band has performed by invitation in Hong Kong Disneyworld, and upon the deck of Greenpeace’s ship the ‘Rainbow Warrior’.


In addition to assemblies, choirs, often including a parent choir, are an element in all major musical events. The school choir has also provided the choral component to the ANZAC day Dawn Services in Phuket.