Sport Events

Global Sport Participation

BISP has developed an extensive competitive sports programme that includes student participation in major regional and global sports tournaments, as well as other home and away fixtures for the school’s athletes. In addition, the school also hosts its own annual series of major competitions in football, swimming, basketball, tennis and golf.

Soccer 7s and 11s

Held in November, on our 12 on-site grass pitches, the BISP Soccer 7s is arguably the largest school tournament of its kind in the world. For both boys and girls teams, with over 1500 players from approximately 40 international schools and ranging from U9s to seniors, this event draws teams from around Asia and the Middle East.


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Sea Eagles Invitational Swim Meet

Held in May each year, this swimming event draws students from swim teams throughout the SE Asia region and beyond. With over 500 competitors from approximately 15 International Schools, it is one of the region’s largest swim competitions for international schools.

3 on 3 and Breakers Cup Basketball

An exciting format of basketball that is ideal for developing young players’ skills, our 3 on 3 event is held in March each year. This tournament attracts teams from throughout Asia at U13 and U15 levels.

The Breakers Cup is a two-day U19 international school tournament held annually in December, which includes individual skills competitions and live entertainment.

Golf – Faldo Series

The school has a unique partnership with Laguna Golf Club that hosts an annual tournament in October in the world-famous Faldo Series. This series attracts the best young players from around the world. The elite school players participate in the main open tournament while other international school players compete in a schools’ tournament that takes place simultaneously and at the same course.

Tennis 4s

The school hosts several tournaments in support of the Thai LTF, including UTR (ranking tournaments). However, the Tennis 4s format allows international schools to compete in a friendly competitive environment. This regional tournament will be developed over the forthcoming years in keeping with the growth of Tennis within the school.