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This year BISP is celebrating our best results in the Intermediate Mathematics Challenge.  BISP Students received a total of 47 certificates in the competition run by the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT). This challenge is designed for only the top mathematics students and is taken by schools worldwide. 

Students have to apply the mathematics they have learnt in the classroom to solve a variety of problem-solving puzzles. Any certificates are an impressive achievement, and even more so for Year 9 and Year 10 students, who have to compete directly with Year 11 students.  

 “Well done to all students who took part, another set of fantastic results!” – Mr. Chambers, Head of Mathematics

In Year 9, Chik Chi, Ethan and Warot all achieved Gold.  In Year 10 and Year 11, Gold certificates were awarded to Minjia, Ethan, Tanawin, Maverick and Shuhan. A special congratulations to Warot, Shuhan and Maverick for also being awarded the Best in Year certificates.  It’s great to see so many of our students competing so well on a global stage.