English as an Additional Language (EAL)


Learning English at the British International School, Phuket is essential for communicating with fellow students in the larger community and learning in the curriculum subjects. As a result, the school provides support to non-native speakers who need extra English language support, to develop their individual potential and give them equal access to the school programmes and learning opportunities.

Specialised Teachers

The school employs specialised teachers with language acquisition training to ensure the curriculum delivered uses the most up-to-date research on effective teaching methods, and this allows our EAL students to develop their language skills at the fastest possible rate. We understand that success in learning is tied to language development, so it is crucial to focus on enhancing social and academic competence. As a result, EAL students can access and succeed in the school’s curriculum.

Assessment and Programme

Before offering prospective students a place at the school, initial assessments evaluate whether English language support is necessary to access the curriculum successfully. Once this assessment is complete, we recommend a support programme that concentrates on individual specific language needs in all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. 

In some cases, students will follow a reduced timetable, allowing them to take English language as needed. For those students with little or no English, an Intensive English Language Course is available. This course is suitable for students in upper Primary or early Secondary.

A student-centred approach

We ease the challenges of acquiring a language during our EAL lessons and create learning environments that increase EAL students’ sense of responsibility. Our student-centred approach is achieved through small class sizes, topic flexibility, and practising oral expression that contributes to a genuine personal involvement between teachers and students in a friendly, supportive environment. Furthermore, we focus not only on their language skills but the well-being of EAL students as we strive to make sure they are settling happily and smoothly into an international school environment.

External examinations

The external examinations provided by Cambridge English Assessment are an additional component of our EAL support programme. These include the Young Learners, the A2 Key for Schools and B1 Preliminary for Schools. We also prepare our senior students for university entrance exams such as the IGCSE ESL, IB English B, and IELTS.

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Intensive English Course

BISP offers an Intensive English Course for those students joining the school, in upper Primary or early Secondary, with little or no English. Specialist teachers work with the students on English language development before gradually introducing the students into mainstream lessons. This provides a foundation from which students can access the curriculum fully.