Woodcut by Monthian is a gallery found on Phangnga Road, in Phuket Town. The Gallery is home to Thai Woodcut Artist Monthian. Monthian is a passionate artist who draws his inspiration from the belief that there are a wide range of styles that reflect the identity of an artist and that artistic expression can bring this deeper identity to light. This idea is what led him to create his notable “World Artist Face” collection in which he used wood cut printmaking to depict famous artists. 

On 5 Feb 2022, Monthian held a workshop with BISP IB art students in which the students were able to create a woodcut in his style but using their own theme and idea. The students were guided to sketch up an idea by their art teachers, Mrs. McGuigan and Mrs Hildreth, that fits  with their IB coursework and thereafter they discussed how to compose an image and interesting subjects. 

Monthian talked to them about the technique and process he uses, including how to create a variation of marks. How to make an effective and professional print using the printing press to finally print their wood cut design. On the 17th of February students will have the opportunity to go to Phuket Town to visit Monthian’s gallery  and workshop so that they are able to see his work first hand. 

Our students gain so much from seeing work in a gallery, or working with an artist as it opens up new ways of working and takes their ideas to new and exciting places. This approach of learning also embodies the IB diplomas ethos of engaging with different cultures and having real world experiences.