Today on our blog we would like to introduce you to Porpan and Charlie, our Yellow Harriers Colour Team Captains for the 2021-22 academic year. 

As Colour Team Captains, Porpan and Charlie are in charge of igniting the spirit of the Yellow Harriers and organising student participation in all events. This is a prestigious role and carries a great deal of responsibility and organisation.


PorpanHi, my name is Porpan and I am from Thailand. When I started in Year 6, I was unable to speak, write or read English; this was a great challenge for me going into high school but I was determined to succeed. BISP has opened a new world to me and offered me so many opportunities. I was able to establish my identity and love for computers and technology. I have been a key member and leader of the school technology group, BISTEK for the last four years. I have also developed a keen interest in music and play both the piano and clarinet. I am one of the inaugural and longest-serving members of the school Concert Band and Orchestra. My determination and love of learning are demonstrated through being a top-ranked student in my year group.

I believe that my diverse abilities and my drive to succeed along with my vast understanding of the extracurricular and academic aspects of the school will make me a successful Colour Team captain. As Captain of the Yellow Harriers, I plan to embed pride and a sense of belonging into my colour team members and to encourage everyone to show commitment and engagement in the Colour Team community.


My name is Charlie and I’m from Nottingham, England. I have been at BISP for six years now. Since Year 7 (my first year here), I have represented the school in every single Soccer 7s and I have also competed hard for my Colour Team in various school events, such as Sports Day and the Golden Mile. My passion, however, lies in the Arts. I’m a very keen guitarist and hope one day to play a gig at school, hopefully representing my Colour Team in a talent show or something similar. Furthermore, I have a keen interest in business subjects and intend to use my business skills to help me become the best Colour Team Captain I can.

My determination, kind-hearted nature and enthusiasm are some key qualities that will make me a great Colour Team Captain and a leader for other students to look up to and confide in when they are in need of help. As captain of the Yellow Harriers, I will aim to maximise participation in Colour Team events and ensure that the Yellow Harriers can win as much as possible. However, as a people person, my main goals are to put a smile on our students’ faces and make sure BISP is a very happy place where we have a fantastic leadership team we can always count on. I will leave you with a quote from a hero of mine, John Lennon: “We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

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