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BISP Secondary School held its annual Sports Day on Thursday 9th February with a day full of excitement and friendly competition among the students. The day was filled with a variety of track and field events, ranging from sprints to middle distance races and field events like high jump, long jump, triple jump, shot put, javelin and discus.

The day started with the 1500m race at 8:25 am and was followed by the 100m qualifications. The 200m race was held at 9:40 am, followed by break time. The 400m race started at 10:45 am and was followed by the 800m race. The final 100m race was held at 11:45 am and was followed by relays.

Each event was divided into different age and gender groups, including Under 13 Girls, Under 13 Boys, Under 15 Girls, Under 15 Boys, and Over 15 Girls and Over 15 Boys. The students competed against each other, showcasing their skills and pushing themselves to their limits while competing to earn points for their houses. 

The field events were also highly anticipated by the students and the spectators. The high jump, long jump, triple jump, shot put, javelin, and discus events saw students from different age groups showcasing their strength and technique. The students gave their best efforts and pushed themselves to achieve new personal bests. Below are the results of the events and new records set. 

2023 BISP Record Breakers:

Isaac: 400m, 100m, Triple Jump

Chiara: 1500m, 400m

Oscar: 800m

Kyian: 400m

Individual Overall Winners (Victor and Victrix Ludorum):

U13 Girls 

Victrix Ludorum: Mariia

Runner up: Lucy

U13 Boys 

Victor Ludorum: Issac

Runners up: Oscar and Issa

2nd Runner up: Gleb

U15 Girls

Victrix Ludorum: Chiara 

Runner up: Leia

2nd Runners up: Mika, Skye and May

U15 Boys 

Victor Ludorum: Maverick

Runner up: Maxime

2nd Runner up: Pedro

O15 Girls 

Victrix Ludorum: Ana

Runner up: Naomi

2nd Runner up: Arianna

O15 Boys 

Victor Ludorum: Andrew

Runner up: Braedan

2nd Runner up: Viktor

The Secondary School Sports Day was a great success and was enjoyed by all who participated and attended. The day was filled with excitement, friendly competition, and a strong sense of sportsmanship. The House Results of the day were as follows: 

  • 1st Green Cobras with 350 points
  • 2nd Red Tigers with 312 points
  • 3rd Blue Sharks with 307 points and
  • 4th Yellow Leopards with 283 points

The students demonstrated their determination and hard work, making the day a memorable one for everyone involved.  Thank you to the BISP PE team for organising this incredible event. Students and staff alike left the day feeling proud of their achievements and looking forward to next year’s event.