Today on our blog we would like to introduce you to Anusmita (Maya) and Kira, our two Events leaders for the 2021-22 academic year. As heads of Events, Maya and Kira will create and coordinate events for students to ensure the pressure of academic study is balanced with more relaxing and fun activities to support student wellbeing.

Anusmita (Maya) 

Anusmita“Hi, my name is Maya and I am half Thai, half Indian. Throughout my time at BISP I have explored many aspects of school life, such as maths competitions, swimming and visual arts. From these activities, I have found art to be my favourite. I hope that being part of the events team will allow me to further implement my love for art in the school community. Academically, I received one of the top IGCSE grades at my previous school and have built up a strong passion for Biology and Chemistry. I believe my proficient listening skills and the fact that I greatly enjoy collaborative work will make me a valuable member of the Events team.

“For me, online learning has highlighted the importance of social interaction among students. Having left the school for two years and being in lockdown for months on end, like a lot of people, I felt disconnected from the school community. I didn’t feel a sense of school spirit and realised that it was primarily due to the lack of social gatherings I used to enjoy and looked forward to pre-pandemic. As optimistic as I am about the coronavirus situation, my goal is to find ways to boost school spirit and increase inclusivity within the school community, regardless of what happens with the pandemic. I also want to be able to support the local charities whenever possible and look forward to working with everyone on the Events team.”


“Hello, I’m Kira, one of your new Events team leaders! I have been a part of the BISP community for almost eight years and along with my academic achievements, the school has inspired me to start playing football and be part of the BISP Cruzeiro Football Academy.

“An attribute that I have which is perfect for the Events team is organisation. Being an IB student who values that ideal balance and blend of academics, sports, music, personal life and wellbeing, I find that equilibrium is the key to leading a strong team. What I look to achieve within this role is to not only bring the school together but to maintain good relationships and create memorable experiences through events.”

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